My Maiden Cricket Tour Diary- Happy Ending

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10 January 2012
After a great Cricket Tour of Mumbai, we reached Jaipur around 12pm in the afternoon. Train was two hours late, but we hardly realised that. The trip back from Mumbai to Jaipur, to our own individual homes and routine, was recollection of the great moments we spent together on the field and off the field.  

09th Jan was our last day in Mumbai and it was our off day. We were to visit the length and breadth of the city. We all were ready and left our hotel around 7am in the morning. Our stay and trip in Mumbai was very special also because we were staying in a great place. We spent around 3-4 days in Hotel but the love and affection we received from everyone was very special and we will remember them always. Each and every staff of Kohinoor Elite Hotel was very nice to us and looked after us very well. And they were always smiling even if we made unreasonable requirements at times. I will take this opportunity to Thank Everyone in Kohinoor Elite Hotel for their hospitality and service. Thank You and We will be back again.          

Once everybody was assembled we left for Nariman Point. It took us an hour to reach there. From there we went to Gateway of India and then to Fashion Street and Heera Panna. Everyone was almost busy in bargaining and buying stuffs for their family, friends and some for Mumbai memorabilia. We did not have much time as we have to catch the train to Jaipur also. We reached station on time and we settled into our allotted berths comfortably and in few minutes we all were found in the same place altogether. Everyone almost at the same time took their mobiles and started calling home and informing our parents that we are set to reach home in next 12-13 hours.

When we were coming from Jaipur to Mumbai, Azar Sir on a very serious tone informed everybody that everyone has to do blood donation as a gesture of giving. Everyone was comfortable but Devvrat got worried and he became the point of discussion. Everybody got after him and in the whole tour we pulled his leg all the time. Later, we realised that Azar Sir played the whole prank on us. Now as we were returning, Devvrat realised that he forgot to give the room cards back in Hotel. We all very seriously told him that this will involve penalty of Rs 1000/- and further worried him by saying that you have to go back to Hotel and return the same. He was really worried till the time we all laughed together. Devvrat always took things in a very sporting way and had fun on the issues. In fact, everybody had his own share of act. It was fun, real fun.

We realised very late there was no pantry in the train. We bought foods from Vadodara station. Food was not that great but we had enough so that we were not empty stomach. Around 9 am in morning we reached a station where we had good food and some fruits. Now we were in the northern side of India and it was very cold and foggy. I was amazed that while we were sleeping we are in different weather conditions. It was very cold in Jaipur in comparison to Mumbai.

As told earlier, we reached Jaipur around 12 and we were happy to see our parents but suddenly we realised that our tour is over. We all greeted each other, and we all went our way to our respective homes with an assurance that we will meet again in the school and will practice together again. But we were not sure when we will go for another Cricket Tour.

On behalf of everyone in the Step By Step School U-16 Cricket Team touring Mumbai, we will like to Thank Cricket India Academy for giving us the opportunity and exposure of touring Mumbai and playing against good Teams and Players and above all a session with Pravin Amre Sir. Not everyday we will have that opportunity. Personally, I will like to thank Cricket India Academy for giving me a platform to express my views through blog. It’s a great learning experience for all of us.

Thank You!   

It’s the last from Aadarsh Nagarajan not the final postJ

Until next time….J