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Mithali Raj, admire her

Admire Her - Mithali Raj
Traditionally, cricket is regarded as a gentlemen’s game however there have been some massive developments in the game recently. Women’s cricket has been a hot topic of discussion today. People still think that women cannot play cricket but why not give them a chance to play such a beautiful sport. In India, women’s cricket is not promoted at all. People don’t watch it at all and even cricket lovers hardly know any names of players who represent the Indian Women’s cricket team.
Today I am going to talk about a player who fought against all such odds and is one of the finest woman’s cricketers India has produced. She is an inspiration to all young female cricketers who aspire to play for their country. She is Mithali Raj.
Early Life She was a sleepy girl in her childhood. Her father wanted to develop in her the habit to get up early, so he dragged her along to her brother's cricket coaching sessions in the mornings.
She would casually pick the bat on the ground …