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Tribute to the fans
Cricket has come a very long way. It has reached the heights of popularity in the recent years which no one could have imagined when it was first invented. In this article, I salute the billions of die-hard fans of cricket for their spirit and enthusiasm to show up in large numbers in the stadium to support their favourite team. A sport is incomplete without the viewers and cricket should be lucky enough to have such a fan following throughout the world. The credit for the coming up of cricket goes to the fans.

As a player, when I bat and see my fellow mates cheer for my every good shot, I feel good. I feel motivated to bat even better and take my team to victory. If I feel like this, I wonder what the international players might be feeling when thousands of spectators cheer for them. I think that the cheering and shouting of the people give the players a morale boost to go out there and play their best to win it not for themselves, but for their fans.

This pressure of…

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