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My Maiden Cricket Tour Diary- Happy Ending

Last Page 10 January 2012 After a great Cricket Tour of Mumbai, we reached Jaipur around 12pm in the afternoon. Train was two hours late, but we hardly realised that. The trip back from Mumbai to Jaipur, to our own individual homes and routine, was recollection of the great moments we spent together on the field and off the field.  
09th Jan was our last day in Mumbai and it was our off day. We were to visit the length and breadth of the city. We all were ready and left our hotel around 7am in the morning. Our stay and trip in Mumbai was very special also because we were staying in a great place. We spent around 3-4 days in Hotel but the love and affection we received from everyone was very special and we will remember them always. Each and every staff of Kohinoor Elite Hotel was very nice to us and looked after us very well. And they were always smiling even if we made unreasonable requirements at times. I will take this opportunity to Thank Everyone in Kohinoor Elite Hotel for their h…

My Maiden Cricket Tour Diary: Day 6

Final Frontier 08 January 2012 After yesterdays thumping win we were all pumped up for our final match today against Oberoi International School. The experience for the last 6 days was amazing. We have come together as Team and matured as individuals. For the first time we were alone without our parents taking care of us and away for playing the beautiful game of cricket in the land where it all began as far as Indian Cricket is concerned. We are more confident cricketers now and we all are more focused to improve our game from here on.  
Today match was starting early than our previous matches. Our reporting time in the Hotel Lobby was 6:30am and we left the Hotel sharp at 7am. It was a long journey for us and it took almost 50 minutes to reach the venue. Oberoi International School is situated at Goregaon and once we reached the ground, we found it was lush green ground, by far the best ground we have played in Mumbai so far.  We were told that IPL teams like Kolkata K…

My Maiden Cricket Tour Diary: Day 5

Rediscovering Myself In Ground
January 07, 2012
Today was our fourth day in Mumbai. Now we are used to the conditions in Mumbai. When we left Jaipur the temperature was as low as 6 degrees celsius, in comparison, Mumbai is very pleasant, sunny and warm.
In the morning during our breakfast in our Hotel Restaurant, I was sitting in the corner with my plate. I was confined to my own thoughts when Azar Sir came up to me and asked me what’s bothering me? I told him that for the last two matches I have not been able to perform and feeling very dejected about that, so I am sitting in the corner. He told me that everyone goes through this kind of cycle or phase when things will not work according to your wishes but if you get dejected, things will never improve. You need to enjoy the moment, feeling and day; that is how you concentrate. He motivated me that there was nothing wrong with my techniques and he is confident that I will do well in the next game. He transformed my thought process comp…

My Maiden Cricket Tour Diary: Day 4

Match Day – 2
Winners All the WAY 06 January 2012 Today was our second match. This time around our team's morale was great and now that we are used to the conditions we were confident of putting a spirited display today.   
We had to report at the Hotel restaurant at 7:30am for breakfast and left for the ground immediately after that. Our today’s match venue was Matunga Gymkhana. When we ground on time and we were very surprised that our today’s opponent were already in the ground and were warming up of the game. We were playing against a Top Mumbai School Team. We were told that the particular school did very well in Mumbai Inter School Tournament. We were ready for the challenge and we all were keen to face them in the middle. 
We went into the ground and started warming up immediately. Today also we won the toss and chose to bat. I padded up and went out to open the innings for my school team. Today, I got out on the very second ball of the match. For today’s match our team was diff…

My Maiden Cricket Tour Diary: Day 3

Match Day 05 January 2012 Today was the day; why we were in Mumbai; Match Day. And we were going to play against the U-16 team of Amre Cricket Clinic coached by the Mr. Pravin Amre, Ex-Test Cricketer. We were feeling very jittery and nervous and excited at the same time. It was a whole new experience for me as this is my first cricket tour. We were required to report at the Kohinoor Hotel Elite Lobby for breakfast at 7am sharp and we left for the match venue which was Matunga Gymkhana in Matunga at 7:30am.
During the bus ride, there was absolute silence. I understood that moment what is meant by “pin drop silence”; which our school teachers always say in class. Everyone was focused and concentrating for the match. Bus ride was through the narrow lanes of Mumbai and it took us around 45 mins to reach Matunga Gymkhana. When we reached there we were astonished to see such a long stretch of ground and at least 100 boys were practising there. Even uncles aged more than 40 were practicing ver…

My Maiden Cricket Tour Diary : Day 2

04 January 2012
Reaching Mumbai and Practice with Ex-Test Cricketer: Mr. Pravin Amre 
Train journey was absolutely fantastic. We all (my school cricket team) have been training together for quite some time now but we all were surprised to find different qualities each of us has. We all 18, including our coach and manager for the tour were sitting together and each of us sharing our own experience, was a wonderful feeling. Azar Sir, was sharing interesting stories from his own playing days. Further, he was sharing his valuable experience about the conditions we will be facing in Mumbai in terms of the weather, pitch and some points about the players approach from Mumbai. He is being a great teacher and motivator for all of us and we all are fortunate to have him as our coach.
Train was late by 45 mins. and we reached Mumbai around 09:30 am at Bandra Station. “Wow! finally we are in Mumbai…!” We have finally reached our destination, which we have been waiting for quite some time now. Bus w…

My Maiden Cricket Tour Diary

03 January 2012
Year 2012 is going to be very special for me as my school team is travelling to Mecca of Indian Cricket, Mumbai. Cricket India Academy where I have enrolled for my Cricket Coaching in Jaipur, have organized a School Cricket Team Tour to Mumbai to play matches against different schools in Mumbai form 4th January to 9th January 2012. I have decided to pen down my experience; every minutes of it and share with everyone through Cricket India Academy blogs.
I am very excited as we are going to leave Jaipur by train on 03 Jan, 2012 in the afternoon by Garibrath (Train No: 12215) at 02:25 P.M. We have to report to our coach at Jaipur station an hour before the scheduled departure of the train. My School; Step By Step is comprised of 16 member squad for Mumbai games. We all were selected on the basis of our trails in December 2011. We have been asked to report at Platform No 1 near the Wheeler. Below mentioned are my Team Mates for SBS School Team, Jaipur: 
1.    Aniket Mangal (C…