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Mithali Raj, admire her

Admire Her - Mithali Raj
Traditionally, cricket is regarded as a gentlemen’s game however there have been some massive developments in the game recently. Women’s cricket has been a hot topic of discussion today. People still think that women cannot play cricket but why not give them a chance to play such a beautiful sport. In India, women’s cricket is not promoted at all. People don’t watch it at all and even cricket lovers hardly know any names of players who represent the Indian Women’s cricket team.
Today I am going to talk about a player who fought against all such odds and is one of the finest woman’s cricketers India has produced. She is an inspiration to all young female cricketers who aspire to play for their country. She is Mithali Raj.
Early Life She was a sleepy girl in her childhood. Her father wanted to develop in her the habit to get up early, so he dragged her along to her brother's cricket coaching sessions in the mornings.
She would casually pick the bat on the ground …

Dhoni - A Inspiration by Jai Vanvari

Dhoni - A Inspiration This article is very special to me and I have done a lot of research on Dhoni to write this. This article is dedicated to all the fans of MS Dhoni. “The Luck Factor” Dhoni led India to the cup in World T20 2OO7, World Cup 2011 and Champions Trophy 2013.
With him as their captain, CSK won have won 2 IPL titles besides qualifying for 6 IPL finals in 8 seasons. Still people left, right and center call him lucky. Media called him- ‘lucky dude with flowing hair’ during his early years of captaincy. It is not just ‘Dhoni’s luck’ that has steered India to great heights. What has taken him so far is what he has got in him.
So I am going to talk about what Dhoni has got him today-
The Big A- Attitude Hailing from a small town in Ranchi, Dhoni had to face many adversaries. The cricketing facilities in Ranchi were poor. Still Dhoni had the flair for turning his limitations into positive streaks by simply not letting them stand in his way. “I believe in seeing the positive side of th…

Meeting a Champion: Brett Lee

Meeting a Champion
It is always a great pleasure to meet those people who made a mark in an industry. It is an amazing opportunity to interact with them and ask them their success mantra.  It is like a dream come true to meet these big celebrities.
Cricket India Academy gave me such an opportunity to meet a legendary Aussie fast bowler – Brett Lee.
Brett Lee has been an idol for fast bowlers all around the globe for a long period of time. During his playing days, he was indeed one of the fastest bowlers in the world bowling at 150 km/hr regularly.The energy and zeal with which he bowled was phenomenal. He was capable of producing some lightning spells. Many people think that fast bowling is easy and involves only running in and bowling fast. But it requires a lot of physical strength. Just bowling fast does not get you wickets. Moving the ball around is also a skill. Many cricketers praised how Lee dealt with so many setbacks and bowled through so much pain. He had to retire eventually …

The Maxwell Revolution

The Maxwell Revolution
Cricket has come a long way from when 250 was a winning score in 50 overs. But now 250 runs is being made in 20 -20 cricket also and 250 is no longer a secure total in ODI too. The modern day cricketers nowadays have the fearless attitude to play their shots from ball one. They are not afraid to take their chances early on. This attitude has led to some mammoth totals being made which seem to be impossible in reality.
What are the chances of seeing, even in a T20 game, a reverse sweep being played by a batsman to a ball pitched way outside the leg stump? While this shot is lucrative at the back end of the innings, how many batsmen would be audacious to play it if with 10-15 overs left in the innings? Glenn Maxwell is one such player who is rewriting the rules of batting in the shorter formats of the game. He is a player who has shown so many times that he can take the attack to the opposition from ball one and often he has played the reverse sweep on the first ba…

The Spirit of Afghanistan

The Spirit of Afghanistan
When you go to the field to play cricket, you need to have a positive mindset, a positive body language. Often when you lose a match badly or you lose matches on the trot, your confidence level goes down.
You suddenly start doubting your team and yourself. You just sometimes forget the art of wining. There is one point when you feel that we just cannot win. Your body language reflects this fact. But I know this one team which goes on the field every time with full zeal and energy. They are not afraid of losing. They just want to go out there and play hard but fair cricket.
They go out there with a nothing to lose attitude. They give it their all on the field each time and go down fighting in each game. They are one and only – The Afghanistan Team. A few years I did not even know that Afghanistan had a cricket team. But in the last year they have come up.

They have lost more than half of the games they have played and they still have the fire left in them. They p…

International Teams - My View by Jai Vanvari

International Teams - My View
For quite some time now, I have been thinking about the next topic of my article. After a lot of thinking, I have decided to write a very different article today. This article is my take on all the international sides in the cricket circuit. It is inspired by an article I read on the internet.
Australia- Attitude is everything Australia has always been that team that shows a lot of attitude on the field. They are known to play aggressive brand of cricket and like to dominate the opponent team. They even don’t mind to risk a defeat if there is even a small chance of victory. They will openly abuse and sledge you to distract you from the game and force you to play a wrong shot in frustration which is a typical Aussie trait. They play every match to win and even resort to some clever tricks on the field.

India- Bat them out India has from the start produced some gifted batsmen. India has always lacked that spice in the bowling department and but has often covered…

Kane Williamson - Serenity at its best

Serenity at its best
He is a humble and intelligent player. He does not worry and does not lash at criticism. He times the ball to perfection. He is a player whom opposition players find hard to combat. His job is to do it all, when situation demands him to do so. He is none other than Kane Williamson. Batting suited him from the minute he picked up his first bat; he has the perfect height, balance, fast-twitch muscles, electric feet, and an inquisitive mind. Williamson- A versatile player
With a solid defence technique, he is the perfect test player. The sound when the ball meets the middle of his bat is splendid. His ability to deal with pressure is amazing as he performs better under pressure. He has the gift of timing the ball. It is almost impossible to break his calmness and serenity when he is in the middle. That’s why he is a difficult player to deal with. Due to his humility and lack of ego, the opposition cannot resort to sledging.

He has all the shots in the bag. If you ball s…