My Maiden Cricket Tour Diary: Day 4

Match Day – 2

Winners All the WAY
06 January 2012
Today was our second match. This time around our team's morale was great and now that we are used to the conditions we were confident of putting a spirited display today.   

We had to report at the Hotel restaurant at 7:30am for breakfast and left for the ground immediately after that. Our today’s match venue was Matunga Gymkhana. When we ground on time and we were very surprised that our today’s opponent were already in the ground and were warming up of the game. We were playing against a Top Mumbai School Team. We were told that the particular school did very well in Mumbai Inter School Tournament. We were ready for the challenge and we all were keen to face them in the middle. 

We went into the ground and started warming up immediately. Today also we won the toss and chose to bat. I padded up and went out to open the innings for my school team. Today, I got out on the very second ball of the match. For today’s match our team was different. Our yesterday top scorer from yesterdays match was left out along with my opening partner Saurabh. Today, Sumit Soni, Mehul Dangayach, Akshay Jain, Devvrat Diwan Yash Bagrodia got a chance to play the game and all of them capitalised. Devvrat scored a healthy 28 of 19 deliveries which included 6 boundaries and gave the team a great start. Then Vinay Lodha was our no.3 batsman. He as well scored a very healthy 37 which included a six as well. After Devvrat got out Aniket came out at no. 4 and he and Vinay had a very good partnership. Aniket scored 41 and got out. Then Mayank Chaudhary came out to bat and stayed at the crease till the last over and unfortunately got out at 47. Our team managed a score of 200 in 30 over’s. We played well today and put up a respectable score on the board. Now we have to field and bowl well to win the match. 

During the lunch break we came to know that Indian Team got beaten in the 2nd Test Match in Sydney. India’s leading TV News Channel CNN-IBN was conducting to take the feedback from common people in the ground. Vinay Shekhawat, Mehul and Sumit and Yash were called for an interview by CNN-IBN.

After the lunch break play resumed. Our opponent got of to a good start but the breakthrough was provided by our captain Aniket. Then we capitalized on the break thorough and kept putting pressure on them. And we ultimately won the match by 20 runs. Sumit Soni took 3 wickets, Aniket and Vinay Lodha took took 2 and 1 wicket was grabbed by Yash and Akshay Jain. Today the man of the match was Grabbed by our Wicket Keeper Batsman Mayank Chaudhary who scored 47 runs and also took 5 catches and had done a run out. Great match for Mayank Chaudhary. 
Congrats Mayank!

As we were celebrating during our way back we came to know that Kirti was admitted in a nearby Kohinoor Hospital, in Kohinoor City, Kurla and was showing symptoms of malaria so we hurriedly took bath and went and met him after we reached our hotel. On the other hand Shubham was feeling better now. After we met him I took my friends to the nearby mall and treated them at pizza hut as yesterday was mine and shubham's birthday but we did not celebrate due to ill-health of our Team Mates.

Get well soon Kirti bro ..

Unit Next time!

Aadarsh Nagrajan Signing off