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International Teams - My View by Jai Vanvari

International Teams - My View
For quite some time now, I have been thinking about the next topic of my article. After a lot of thinking, I have decided to write a very different article today. This article is my take on all the international sides in the cricket circuit. It is inspired by an article I read on the internet.
Australia- Attitude is everything Australia has always been that team that shows a lot of attitude on the field. They are known to play aggressive brand of cricket and like to dominate the opponent team. They even don’t mind to risk a defeat if there is even a small chance of victory. They will openly abuse and sledge you to distract you from the game and force you to play a wrong shot in frustration which is a typical Aussie trait. They play every match to win and even resort to some clever tricks on the field.

India- Bat them out India has from the start produced some gifted batsmen. India has always lacked that spice in the bowling department and but has often covered…

Kane Williamson - Serenity at its best

Serenity at its best
He is a humble and intelligent player. He does not worry and does not lash at criticism. He times the ball to perfection. He is a player whom opposition players find hard to combat. His job is to do it all, when situation demands him to do so. He is none other than Kane Williamson. Batting suited him from the minute he picked up his first bat; he has the perfect height, balance, fast-twitch muscles, electric feet, and an inquisitive mind. Williamson- A versatile player
With a solid defence technique, he is the perfect test player. The sound when the ball meets the middle of his bat is splendid. His ability to deal with pressure is amazing as he performs better under pressure. He has the gift of timing the ball. It is almost impossible to break his calmness and serenity when he is in the middle. That’s why he is a difficult player to deal with. Due to his humility and lack of ego, the opposition cannot resort to sledging.

He has all the shots in the bag. If you ball s…

My Journey with CIA

The Journey Begins!!!
Whenever someone asks me why I play cricket, I always answer that I play cricket because I simply love the game. I never wanted to make a career in cricket and I never felt sad that I couldn’t. This article is the tribute to Cricket India Academy for giving me the best cricketing facilities to learn and develop my game.
My cricketing journey has been an amazing experience from learning to play cricket to ultimately playing for CIA team. It is not that only representing your country in any sport matters but the most important thing that matters is deriving happiness from that sport or taking something from it which would make you a better person.
Liking for the Game
I started liking cricket at a very young age. I loved watching cricket. When I look back at those times, I still remember watching the India triumph against Pakistan in the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup final with my grandfather. As I grew up, I started watching more and more cricket. Soon I developed a deep desi…

The Modern Icon

Be Like Baz
Can you imagine batting to Mitchell Starc who is running in with a new cherry in his hand? Can you visualize a 145km/hr ball going through the side of your helmet?  However, what if instead of Starc dictating his terms, you dictate your terms by coming down the track. You might think is it really possible? Yes it is possible and today I am going to talk out that man who made such crazy things possible- Brendon Mccullum.
Crazy, daring, courageous, I don’t care what you bowl attitude, fearless, great leader, optimistic describe whom Brendon Mccullum truly is.... 

Fearless He defines the word Fearless. He just goes out there and plays his fearless brand of cricket. This approach to the game has done wonders for him. He expresses himself to the fullest during his stay at the crease. His ability to play with such freedom and authority is just fantastic. If you ask me, I would definitely not want to ball to him especially when he is set.  To be honest, it is not easy to be fearless. …