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It is important to build the ‘Trust factor’ in Cricket

Recently there was an another verdict on spot fixing which again left its fans wondering, “ Cricket – A Gentleman’s game anymore ?” We hear often about how teamwork, getting ahead of the competition and winning apply both to high performing business units and sports teams. Often under-analysed, yet frequently dominating our headlines is how both sports and business are too often plagued by scandals. Two recent glaring examples are the high profile IPL fixing episode and involvement of few Pakistan players in spot fixing that outlined how all this hurting a normal cricket fan who devotes so much of his time and money only to see his favourite team winning or favourite player performing. These stories affect public faith in the sport and raise questions. After all the credibility of the sport is vital for the relationship to blossom. Should I buy the ticket of a match which result is already decided? Are professional athletes really competing and thus deserve their fan’s passion, time and …