Why Cricket

Why Cricket?

This is my first article for CIA and so today I am going to answer the question which is frequently asked to me- Why do I like cricket? What is so special about it?
For me, cricket is much more than just the battle between two teams of 11 players each. Cricket is about emotions, drama, excitement, thrill. The matches literally keep you on the edge of your seats. 
When I was small, cricket was the medium through which I connected with my grandfather. We used to watch all cricket matches together and I thank him for introducing me to this wonderful game which is at its best today. I have great childhood memories with this game and this is why cricket is so close to my heart.
I can tell you five magical words that make cricket so special for me-

C- Catches
Cricket has produced some fabulous fielders and I love the game due to the splendid catches being taken nowadays. Catches win matches and unbelievable catches definitely bring a big smile on my face and keep reminding me that impossible is just another word. It tells me that if I work hard on my fitness and fielding, these athletic catches are no more than a cakewalk. 
R- Respect
I feel that in any sport respect for the opponent and one's own team members is really important. Cricket is an indeed a Gentlemen's game and it has produced some real gentlemen like De Villiers, McCullum and so on. Their respect for their fellow players ,opponents, umpires and the commentators is why I love this game. Even the spectators too are starting to respect and applaud the efforts of the not only the team their supporting but also the opposition team.  
I- Inspiring
Cricket is all about inspiration. Kohli inspires me to have passion for what you do. De villiers inspires me to attempt the impossible. Steve Smith inspires me to make dreams come true and Dhoni inspires me to back myself. I don't think that without such inspiration I would have drived on in my life.
C- Calmness
When I think of the word calmness, I am straight forward reminded of cricket and the greatest captain of India- MS Dhoni. I desperately want to learn to remain calm in pressure situations and I thus always watch Dhoni carefully when he is playing. You can never figure out what is going on inside Dhoni's mind due to his expressionless face. Cricket is special for me as it has Dhoni and his calm attitude.
K- Kohli
Cricket is special as it has players like Kohli. Seeing him bat each day is an honor. He does not like cricket, he loves it and that 's what makes him so great. He makes each Indian proud everyday and he is the reason why so many people watch cricket. He has given consistency a new definition and his passion for the game is amazing. 

E- Entertainment
Entertainment is so vital for people today and cricket provides 100% entertainment. It is a game which brings friends and families together. The nail biting encounters ensure that you cannot move from your seat. I remember that during India vs Australia World T20 2016 match, only my father and me where seeing the match. But as soon as the match became interesting, the whole family was glued to the TV. Kohli’s fantastic knock took India to victory and we all were completely entertained.
T- Testing
Cricket is indeed a testing sport and if you ever want to test your patience and mental strength, you should try and play a test match. Test cricket is a format which can break you from inside. It can put loads of pressure on you. Even seeing a test match requires a lot of patience. Cricket is so challenging and competitive and it literally tests your character and moulds it.

                                                                                                                      - Jai Vanvari,
Official CIA Correspondent.


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