CIA player sharing his experience of participating in Inter House Tournament at Vissanji Academy

Inter House Cricket Tournament
Cricket is my FAVORITE GAME! I just enjoy playing cricket! Be it a foil ball cricket during recess, weekend coaching, evening cricket in society compound or home cricket with the younger brother, I simply love it! Just a week back i.e. on 28th & 29th January, we had Inter -House Cricket Tournament organized by Cricket India Academy where I loved playing this game. Such a fun was it! Wait let me tell you all about this!
When we heard that Cricket India Academy is going to organize Inter-House Cricket Tournament in our school we all were very excited. Soon the day came when we all were taken to the ground for selection. Based on our bating, bowling and fielding skills the team was going to be selected. Our house captain and the vice captain selected the team. We had butterflies in our stomach when they were announcing the team. And, I was also one of the selected eleven! Woho!  We spent lot of time in strategy planning and selecting name of the team, as we belong to SERA house we named us SERA team. Other three teams were GANDEN, DREPUNG and JOKANG.
On the day of the match the atmosphere was electrifying. Everyone was cheering for their house team. The first match was of 7 overs and played between Drepung and Jokang. Both teams were playing good and we couldn’t decide who will win the game! In the last power play over Jokang needed 27runs and we thought Drepung would win easily but the game was turned over for Jokang by one of their batsman and they won! Super match really!
 Now next was our match against Ganden and we were quite tensed. We won the toss and selected to field first. Our bowling was extremely good and we took 6 wickets. Our target was 40 runs in 7 overs. Our opening pair made a great partnership of 36 runs and I was the next batsman when we needed just 4 runs to win also this was a power play over. We made these 4 runs quite easily and were qualified for the FINAL! In the Finals we again won the toss and selected to field. This was a 10 over match. Our team put lot of efforts in bowling and finally the Jokang scored 56 runs for 5 wickets. Now during our batting I was one of the opening batsman. We were playing very good and all of us put all our strength and might to play for our team. After me and other team mates were run out, we needed 9 runs in 3 overs to win. The win was very near and we hoped for the best. Our new batsman made all the needed runs in just 3 balls and all of us screamed “WE WON!!!” We took out the stumps and ran all over the ground hearing the cheer of entire school for us! It was a tremendous experience.
As I wrote in the beginning, I love playing any form of Cricket, but I can tell you all for sure that there is nothing like playing for your own house and WINNING! I am looking forward to the next year Inter house competition already!  
I will take this opportunity to thank Cricket India Academy for giving us the opportunity to learn modern Cricket Coaching in our school and for giving me the opportunity to express my experience.

Atharva Rasik Mahatre 
Cricket Education Program Participant; Level 2
STD 5B; Vissanji Academy School, Andheri (E), Mumbai


  1. Thanks a lot Devjeet ! For encouragement to initiate and then publishing this :)

  2. Congrats Atharva.. Keep up the good work Baccha..

  3. Congrats Atharva!!!!

  4. Congrats Atharva!!! You have penned down your thoughts really well. Keep it up.

  5. wow....Atharva. Hearty congratulations on the win and a superb write up too... keep up the good work. Proud of you!

    Mandar Mama


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