Step By Step Premier League: Notes from the playing field

Day 2 : 19th August, 2012

Steppie Blasters v/s Singham Boys, 19th August, 2012 - Juniors

The start of the tournament was very exciting and to top the excitement, we won. When the opposite side won the toss, they elected to bat.Then we gave so many extra runs, which made  us a little worried. They put up a score of 137 and it had us on the back foot and the pressure was on me when I went in to open from my side.

But when they started to bowl equally badly and gave as many extra’s we had our win in sight very easily. The opening partnership was very good and our scores of 17 (Krish Sharma) and 16 (Abhinav Jain) made it all the more easy.

And Krish Golchcha wrapped up the match with a boundary and the victory was ours to cherish.

This has given our team the desired boost and we hope to win more matches.

By: Krish Sharma, Std 3rd, Step By Step International School; Jaipur

Team - Steppie Blasters 

Opening Day:18th August, 2012 

The opening day of Step By Step Premier League for the Roaring Rangers reign supreme over cricketing field proving that they are a force to reckon with and should not be trifled with. The match in itself was full of fervor and enthusiasm .The crowd was awash with colors and chants encouraging the players on and motivating them to outdo their personal best.
The league couldn’t have asked a better opening day.
Here's wishing for a season full of amazing cricket and full on entertainment 3 cheers for the players and the management for making it happen.

By: Samarpratap Singh Khalsa, Std 3rd, Step By Step International school {IB}; Jaipur
Team -  Roaring Rangers
Roaring Rangers
Royal Strikers

Opening Day:18th August, 2012 

The Step By Step Premier League started with a bang as the Roaring Rangers shook the ground with their double victory.
When I first heard of it I found it very interesting and thought it was a great platform for kids to show their cricket talent and a very good chance for the players to improve themselves.
There was everything that a cricket fan held dear, there was entertainment, nervousness, excitement as the match drew to its end there was chant in the air and the blazing sun seemed no longer to bother anyone. All in all it was a great day, hats off to the management who thought of this wonderful idea.
Way to go SBS Premier League and wishing good luck to all the teams!

By: Tanu Lalwani, Std 3rd, Step By Step International School; Jaipur
Team - Roaring Rangers
Aaryan Lalwani, Std 3rd, Step By Step International School; Jaipur
Team - Royal Strikers