Summer Camp Diary @ Cricket India Academy, Chennai

I am Ajay krishnan from chennai .

i have attended this coaching for 4 days. And I have really enjoyed every day of it. I would like to tell what I was doing on the four days. We had 2 coaches, Ashish Sir  and Abhishek Sir from Cricket India Academy.

Monday: The first day when we came our coach told us to tell our names, were we came from and why we liked cricket .When my turn came I was proud to introduce myself. Then we played a game called “handball”,  I liked the game very much. Our 2 coaches divided us in to younger batch and the elder batch. Abhishek Sir took me with the elder batch and Ashish Sir took the younger batch. In the elder batch Abhishek Sir asked the team to ball first. He kept only the middle stump and I was  able to hit it thrice.  Then we played a match. It was really interesting playing in a turf ground.

Tuesday: The second day we played an interesting activity and I enjoyed it very much. Everybody was given a chance to ball and then few of us were asked to bat. After a few minutes we played a match where my teams captain won the toss  and elected to bat first. Sadly, it was time to go home before the match could get over. Our coach gave us homework where we had to mark the fielding positions.

Wednesday: Our homework was checked the next day and was well discussed. We then did a new  activity and then we continued the previous day’s match. Our coach made all of us to relax with our eyes closed at the end of the session.

Thursday: We had a catching activity.  We were taught the proper way to keep our hands while catching the ball.  We also underwent batting practice.  Abhishek sir, was very encouraging which gave me a lot of confidence.

Looking forward for the rest of the coaching days J


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